Get on island time whenever you like with this tropically inspired bar that is as intoxicatingly delightful as a freshly mixed cocktail. This seriously revitalizing blend of crushed cloves, cinnamon sticks, crisp pine, and zesty orange will whisk you away to a place of total serenity and cleanliness. When you emerge from the shower – moisturized and wonderfully scented – don’t be disappointed that you’re stepping on a bath mat and not a white-sand beach. 


Island Tropics w Spice




Shea Butter

Ingredients: Saponified Oils of (Olive, Coconut, Hemp, and non-gmo Soy), Shea Butter, Lye, Fragrance.

Size: 5 oz Bar  
Scent Strength: Medium  
Skin Types: Combination, good for oily or dry skin. 

A Closer Look at

The Soap Making Process

All soap starts as a basic mixture of oils and lye solution. The mix results in soap + glycerin. The big difference is what happens from here.

Dr. Squatch Soap

In our handmade soap, the glycerin is retained in the bar, and combines with coconut, and olive oils to nourish your skin.

Cold process soap has no need to add harsh chemicals or preservatives. The result? You’ll be skin-safe and feeling smooth.

Commercial Soap

Driven by profits, commercial soap producers remove the vegetable glycerin and sell it at a higher markup in other products.

To create more lather without the glycerin, harsh chemicals are added such as SLS (causes skin irritation) and parabens (linked to cancer).


Reviews (121)

ammar m. - 08/19/2016


Yes yes yes the smell is amazing, feels great on my skin, this is 1 I will not stop buying for sure

Shane E. - 06/23/2016


The soap lathers like crazy and leaves you feeling clean and refreshed. I use it mostly on my beard and it is always soft and clean after using the soap. The scent is nice. I found it almost comforting and it reminded me of my grandfathers spice closet that i used to love as a kid. Really great especially just before bed.

Todd L. - 05/31/2016

Not the best

Out of their options, this scent isn't the best they offer. It reminded me too much of an old man and not of a 'bay' or 'harbor'. I'll stick to Nautical Sage for that. I'm 24 and my night life game is strong. I don't need to be smelling like an old man. It's not a 'bad' scent, just not the best in my opinion. However, the soap itself does wonders on my skin and makes me soft. For that, I'll keep using this bar until it's all gone.

Aaron K. - 04/19/2016

Amazing Scent and by far My Favorite!

The scent of this soap is perfect and leads to a fantastic showering experience. My wife loves this soap as well, not because she uses it, but because our bathroom now smells like Bay Rum. It's not an overpowering scent but it does stay with you which I love. It's a classy smell and not a cheap, Axe type of smell. You will not be disappointed with this bar of soap.

jim s. - 03/07/2016

OH Man!!!!

I have forgotten the pleasure of taking showers until now.Try it you'll see what I mean😃.... Stink Foot😁

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