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10 Bucket list items for 2018

Squatch Nation doesn’t put much stock in New Year’s Resolutions. Instead of changing our behavior, we want to look forward and plan some awesome new experiences for the year — and we finally got our list together for this year.. From exploring new places to finding new adventures, see Squatch’s bucket list items.

photo credit: Spartan Race

1. Try one of the Spartan Race Series obstacle runs

Squatch loves a good challenge, and the Spartan races definitely keep participants on their toes. None of the obstacles get revealed until race day, and with all sorts of distances, there’s always a new challenge to meet.

2. Hit up a black sand beach

There’s something about sinking our feet into warm, black sand, and we’re ready to make our way to Punaluʻu Beach on Hawaii (the Big Island). Rumor has it endangered green turtles appreciate the beach, too, and we can’t wait to spend an afternoon with them.

3. Catch the fall colors from the air

Who knew some of the best skydiving in the United States happened in the Poconos Mountains in Pennsylvania? Ever since we learned about the Poconos Skydivers, we’ve been thinking about checking out the fall foliage from the sky.

4. Be sure to rotate our Dr. Squatch scents

Even Squatch gets in a Pine Tar rut at times. It’s simple to grab for our favorite bar and leave the others waiting on the shelf. This year, we want to be sure to give all of our bars a little bit of love. The Deep Sea Goat’s Milk works great to combat winter’s dry air.

5. Watch all of the Oscar-nominated movies

Not all of our bucket list items involve the outdoors. OK, most of them do, but we’re thinking we might need a little recovery time after that Spartan race. Maybe this will be the year we watch all of the Oscar nominated movies.

6. Get a new tattoo

Will 2018 be the year Squatch inks our logo onto his fur? We’ll keep you posted on this one.

7. Try a new beard style on for size

Our awesome ceramic shave mug makes it tough to commit to growing out a new beard. We’re going to try, though. Maybe a mustache instead…That Fu Manchu always looks interesting when we see our friends trying it post-Movember.

8. Go bamboo river rafting

Talk about a unique way to get down a river. We’ll probably start with this Jamaican experience, but who knows? Maybe we’ll make it to Thailand in 2019.

9. Learn a new language

Speaking of Thailand, it might be time to cross this one off our bucket list. Learning a new language means experiencing new countries in a completely different way. The problem will be deciding which one we should attempt first.

photo credit: Pinterest

10. Try portaledge camping

You know you’ve always wondered about sleeping suspended from one of those amazing ledges you come across during a hike. It might not be for the faint of heart, but Squatch thinks the sunrise we’d see would be totally worth it.

Do you put together an annual bucket list? 


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