Handmade, all-natural products to tame your inner Squatch.

Bar Soaps

Bar Soaps

Handmade. Cold-processed. All natural.

Get great skin with our natural bar soap made the traditional way. Nine natural ways to smell like a man.

Starter Bundles

Your choice of our curated best sellers

Treat your skin right with three of our best-smelling, best-selling soaps - and our Soap Saver to keep them fresh.

Cleanse and strengthen your strands

Get the best of both worlds with our shampoo & conditioner combo. Buy together and save 15%.

Accentuate yourself, naturally

Don't smother your scent with an Axe bomb. Accentuate it with our organic & wildcrafted oils.

Soften and tame coarse hair.

The ideal beard should look shiny and groomed, not flaky and shaggy. Treat it right and thank us later.

Shave the traditional way.

Save your face from the rough blades of cartridge razors and keep it smooth with an old school shave.

The subtle way to say, "You stink."

Our fresh, natural products make the perfect gift to clean up every guy’s inner lumberjack. 

Put some schwag in your bag.

Whether you're in the shower, out in the wild or just out to dinner, you can rep the Squatch in style.