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Gold Moss, Pine Tar, Spearmint Basil, Bay Rum
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Pine Tar, Gold Moss Scrub, Cedar Citrus, Deep Sea Goat's Milk
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Eucalyptus Yogurt, Spearmint Basil, Cedar Citrus, Cool Fresh Aloe

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Finding the perfect present for a special dude is no easy task: look no further than the stack of never-worn clown ties in your dad’s closet. Take the guesswork out of gentleman gift-giving when you ship a vintage cigar box of all-natural goodness to your best bud.

Each package will contain four carefully selected bars of soap -- select from a trio of scent combinations -- as well as a personalized note, if you so chose. We guarantee your man friend will be beaming, and we also guarantee there will be no awkward, “Oh, great, another tie…” moments -- a real win, win.

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