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Formulated For Men
Performance Without Compromise
You’ve got needs. We’ve got the goods.
We’re harnessing the power of Mother Nature and putting it to work in all of our products, so they can work for you. How’s that for teamwork?
Products Built For You
We develop products specifically with men’s needs in mind.
Let’s face it, men have different needs for their skin, pits and hair. Plus, they naturally deal with higher levels of sweat, dirt and stink on the regular. That’s why we’re dedicated to male-specific formulations that directly address the personal care demands of men everywhere.

Purpose-Built Products

We create products that are designed to handle the demands of men everywhere.

Exfoliating Soaps
Gentle but effective scrubs with nourishing ingredients that are designed for men’s thicker skin and the extra sweat and grime of your day-to-day.
Natural Deodorant
Busy, active men need strong stink protection and we’ve got you covered. The natural ingredients in our powerful Odor-Squatching™ formula attack stink at the source for all-day freshness and confidence.
Hair Care
With all the rigors of daily life, keeping your manly mane shiny and healthy is no easy task. Our hair care products clean, strengthen and protect your hair with effective natural ingredients.
Committed to Men's Health
We take your manly well-being seriously.

Just Say No!

We avoid estrogenics and other ingredients that have been shown to have adverse effects on men’s health:

Soybean Oil



Just Say Yes!

We add ingredients that can be potentially beneficial to men’s health. The kind of natural ingredients that you won’t typically find in other products:

Saw Palmetto



Smell Like A Man
We source the best nature has to offer to help you smell damn good.
Too many personal care products for men smell like the chemicals they’re made of and give us flashbacks to our middle school locker room. You’re a man, it’s time to smell like one!
Treat your pearly whites right
Natural Toothpaste
Still brushing your teeth with synthetic goo?
Fight cavities, protect enamel and gently whiten teeth without harsh chemicals.
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Rest easy. If this isn't the best natural product you've ever used, it's on us.

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Rest easy. If this isn't the best natural product you've ever used, it's on us.