Tough just like you, this black soap has a natural pine tar oil blend. The true pine oil brings the woods to your shower,like bathing in a massive old growth pine forest! The soap has a massaging, exfoliating effect because of the oatmeal and sand; if you’re manly you’ll love this bar.


Island Tropics w Spice




Shea Butter

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A Closer Look at

The Soap Making Process

All soap starts as a basic mixture of oils and lye solution. The mix results in soap + glycerin. The big difference is what happens from here.

Dr. Squatch Soap

In our handmade soap, the glycerin is retained in the bar, and combines with coconut, and olive oils to nourish your skin.

Cold process soap has no need to add harsh chemicals or preservatives. The result? You’ll be skin-safe and feeling smooth.

Commercial Soap

Driven by profits, commercial soap producers remove the vegetable glycerin and sell it at a higher markup in other products.

To create more lather without the glycerin, harsh chemicals are added such as SLS (causes skin irritation) and parabens (linked to cancer).